We don't always know what is going on in the lives in our co-workers and employees, but sometimes having an awareness that there is more that meets the eye can help your co-workers and employees wellbeing and everyone's overall success at work. One of those often unspoken or unacknowledged tasks is the role of being a caregiver. This flipbook is a tool for helping employers foster a more caregiver-inclusive community in the workplace, so that caregivers can feel supported. This document, created in collaboration with the Canadian Cancer Society, Healthy Workplaces, Family Caregivers of BC and iA Financial Group, will give you an overall view of caregiving statistics across Canada, discuss the importance of caregiver self-identification, and give you examples of inclusive practices. It even includes a checklist to self-assess how inclusive your workplace currently is for caregivers. Furthermore, the document also covers balancing work and caregiving tasks and gives suggested words of encouragement based on real caregiver feedback to our organizations. Finally, the document concludes with a list of resources for more information on this topic and other caregiver-related topics for your education.