Season 2 of the Caregivers Out Loud Podcast

out February 2nd!

Virtual Caregiver Support Groups

Virtual Caregiver Support Groups


For All Caregivers:

Caregivers Connect: BC’s Virtual Support Group (2nd and 4th Thursday of every month from 2-3:30pm) is next on Jan 28th. This group brings people from across the province together around a mutual experience of caregiving for a family member or friend. This is a time for reassurance and connection, where caregivers can realize they are not alone.

As well, join us February 9th, for the BC Men's Virtual Support Group (2nd Tuesday of every month from 7 - 8:30 pm) for men to come together monthly to connect, receive support and share experiences as caregivers. Our group is led by experienced facilitators. 

You must pre-register to join each session!

Victoria Virtual Caregiver Group


Our monthly Victoria Virtual Caregiver Group brings caregivers from the Greater Victoria area together around a mutual experience of caregiving for a family member or friend. This is a time for reassurance, where caregivers can realize they are not alone. This group is facilitated by our experienced volunteer Bonnie Davoren.

Next Session: Feb 3rd, 1:30-3:00 pm (1st Wednesday of each month)

Registration: You must pre-register to join the session. Register in advance here. You will get a password and instructions to join this Zoom Virtual Group.

Please note that when joining you can choose to share your first and last name or create an anonymous username.

Join our Upcoming Webinars and Workshops

Upcoming Facebook Live Sessions


We have two Facebook Live sessions occurring this month:

February 9th at 9 am, join Wendy Johnstone for our Facebook Live Learning Session at 9 am. Wendy will discuss how we can go about our self-care as caregivers with the awareness of our mind-body connection. We’ll also connect viewers with some additional resources they can access from our website.

On February 23rd at 9 am, join Kate Landreth for a 10-minute Mindfulness Practice on Facebook Live. Kate will guide you through a practice that encourages you to pause, be aware of your body, mind and spirit. You will be guided through breathing and relaxation techniques to support your nervous system and mental wellbeing.

New to Facebook Live? It is a live recording on the Family Caregivers of BC Facebook Page. You can join during the live time or the recording is saved for you to watch at another time—similar to our webinars! Our Facebook Live sessions are shorter, bite-size learning opportunities for caregivers and our community.

New Reading Material and Resources

Episode Three: Why Speaking Up For Your Needs Matters


"Relationships are complex, so resentment, sadness and guilt can still exist in any happy relationship; which is all very normal when you are a caregiver.

It takes work to overcome the negatives by seeking help, communicating with your loved one, and having the self-awareness to put it all into perspective." - Jodie, Caregivers Out Loud

In this episode, we are discussing why speaking up for your needs matters and navigating relationships as a caregiver.

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A Caregiver's Experience: LifeLabs Mobile Unit to the Rescue


In a new article featured in the in our Winter 2021 edition of the Caregiver Connection Magazine, Pat Smith describes her own experience learning about mobile blood work clinics and how helpful that healthcare resource has been to supporting her husband, Ron's, wellbeing.

Visions Journal: The turbulent experience of caring for a parent during the COVID-19 pandemic


In a recent article published in the COVID edition of the Visions Journal, Patty Leinemann shares an emotional essay about the toll the physical distance apart from her father living in a long-term care facility has taken on her mental health. The piece is raw, honest and hopeful as Patty sheds light on resources that have supported her and ameliorated her mental health.

CNN Article: How vaccinated grandparents should approach visiting loved ones now


Katia Hetter, for CNN, wrote an article detailing how vaccinated older adults should navigate visits with their loved ones, particularly when their loved ones are not a priority group to be vaccinated.

Community Events

Care to Chat Season 8: "Putting Seniors and Families First"


BCCPA and EngAge BC are pleased to announce their next instalment of the popular Care to Chat speaker series, titled “Putting Seniors and Families First.”

This Care to Chat will look at how COVID-19 visitation restrictions have impacted seniors and their families and the important role that family caregivers play across the seniors living and care continuum. 

When: Thursday February 11th, 2021: 10am – noon

Where: Zoom

Tickets: $50 members, $75 non-members

Caregiver Opportunities and Resources

CRA Webinars


Canada Revenue Agency is offering the following webinars of interest to caregivers in January and February:

Persons with Disabilities Benefits and Credits Presentation TODAY, January 26, 2021 from 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm and February 11, 2021 from 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm.

Family Caregivers Benefits and Credits Presentation TOMORROW, January 27, 2021 from 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm and February 25, 2021 from 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm.

Don't miss out on the benefits and credits to which you may be entitled! Learn what you can claim on your 2021 tax return as a family caregiver and/or for your care recipient.

You can register for any of the above webinars by going to the button below and then clicking on the link associated with the webinar and date of your choice

Opportunity for older adults & their caregivers to be involved in a research study on the use of assistive technologies


This study aims to improve the use and access to assistive technologies for older adults in British Columbia. The study also aims to develop better ways of assessing the challenges people experience when using assistive technologies. Bringing older adults, their family members, and other caregivers together to talk about assistive technologies will be helpful for health care workers and others.

The CAMH Hope App


Introducing the CAMH Hope app: an app for patients and smartphone users that provides people experiencing suicidal thoughts with the tools and resources to help keep them safe. 

The app includes mindfulness and relaxation tools, crisis resources and even a journal so that users can jot down their feelings. 


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