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Virtual Caregiver Support Groups

Virtual Caregiver Support Groups


For All Caregivers:

Join us for the Caregivers Connect: BC’s Virtual Support Group (2nd and 4th Thursday of every month from 2 - 3:30 pm). *However, at the next meeting on March 25th, the group will meet from 2 - 3 pm to accommodate the My Wishes My Care event from 3 - 4 pm on the same day. Those who attend the support group can continue, if they wish, in the meeting for this presentation and conversation from 3 - 4 pm.

This group brings people from across the province together around a mutual experience of caregiving for a family member or friend. This is a time for reassurance and connection, where caregivers can realize they are not alone.

As well, join us April 13th, for the BC Men's Virtual Support Group (2nd Tuesday of every month from 7 - 8:30 pm) for men to come together monthly to connect, receive support and share experiences as caregivers. Our group is led by experienced facilitators. 

You must pre-register to join each session!

Victoria Virtual Caregiver Group


Our monthly Victoria Virtual Caregiver Group brings caregivers from the Greater Victoria Area together around a mutual experience of caregiving for a family member or friend. This is a time for reassurance, where caregivers can realize they are not alone. This group is facilitated by our experienced volunteer Bonnie Davoren.

Next Session: April 7th, 1:30-3:00 pm (1st Wednesday of each month).

Registration: You must pre-register to join the session. Register in advance here. You will get a password and instructions to join this Zoom Virtual Group.

Please note that when joining you can choose to share your first and last name or create an anonymous username.

Join our Upcoming Webinars and Workshops

Upcoming Facebook Live Sessions


We have one Facebook Live session occurring this month:

TODAY, March 23rd at 9 am, join Kate Landreth for a 10-minute Mindfulness Practice on Facebook Live. Kate will guide you through a practice that encourages you to pause, be aware of your body, mind and spirit. You will be guided through breathing and relaxation techniques to support your nervous system and mental wellbeing.

New to Facebook Live? It is a live recording on the Family Caregivers of BC Facebook Page. You can join during the live time or the recording is saved for you to watch at another time—similar to our webinars! Our Facebook Live sessions are shorter, bite-size learning opportunities for caregivers and our community.

My Wishes, My Care: Starting the Conversation


Date: March 25th

Time: 3:00 - 4:00 pm PST

What matters most to you for your health and personal care? Join others in a conversation to explore your values and beliefs as a first step to planning for your future care. FREE event for Caregivers of people experiencing memory loss or early symptoms of dementia.

Participants: Caregivers of people experiencing memory loss or early symptoms of dementia.

You will get a password and instructions to join this Zoom Virtual training. 

Please, register by Wednesday March 24th

Click here to view the event poster.

How You Say It Matters: Strategies for Strengthening Communication with Family Caregivers (for Health Care and Social Sector Professionals)


Date: March 26th

Time: 10 am – 10:45 am PST

Good communication between health-care providers and family caregivers is an essential ingredient for an effective care team. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the different ways that health-care providers communicate.

In this webinar, the Alzheimer Society of B.C. and Family Caregivers of BC will share helpful strategies that health-care providers can use to strengthen communication with family caregivers, while Erin Beaudoin (CEO, Eden Gardens) offers the experiences and perspectives from the long-term care sector. This webinar is an opportunity for health-care providers to refine their communication skills and discuss ways to build strong partnerships with families.

FCBC Circle of Care for Caregivers


Date: May 5, 12 & 19th

Time: 10 am – 12:30 pm PST

The FCBC training in the Circles of Care (CoC) psychosocial intervention model provides a tool to caregiver support staff and volunteers to strengthen and develop informal networks of support for family caregivers in BC. We expect a total of 20 participants. They will receive a detailed digital training manual from FCBC after completing the sessions.

Our goal for this training is to increase informal respite options for caregivers by increasing the community’s capacity to identify caregivers at risk of isolation and intervening effectively by mobilizing informal supports. We hope that participants could contribute to decreasing social isolation for caregivers and caregiver distress.

Please, register by Thursday April 20th.

Click here to view the event poster.

FCBC Reading Material and Resources

Episode Six: Grief as a Human Experience


Grief is a human experience and it often feels messy or is accompanied by not knowing if you are ‘doing it right’. Grief and loss can feel isolating. And many caregivers share different examples of grief, such as grieving the loss of your old life during caregiving and then also grieving the loss of the person you are caregiving for. 

Normal does not exist during grief and in this episode, we chat with Tricia Wallace, a Clinical Counsellor with Parkinson Society BC about the topic of caregiver grief and loss and suggestions on how to work with these emotions.

Listen on your favourite podcast listening app!

~ Created with the support of Organized Sound Productions

Submit a Caregiving Story

Caregiver Month in May - We Want to Hear from You!


This May is Caregiver Awareness Month, and we want to feature your stories about caregiving – the joys, the challenges, insights gained – to share with other caregivers and our larger communities.

If you are interested in submitting a story to be considered to be shared on our website and social media channels, you can either...

1. Email with the attached Word document (story of approximately 500 words), a photo of yourself (optional) and URLs to your social media accounts (optional), should you have them and wish to be tagged when your story is shared.

2, Call us at 778-426-8941 (ext. 8941) and leave a message with your name, phone number and description of your caregiver story for our Communications Coordinator to type up for you!

Community Events

Burnaby Seniors Outreach Services Society (BSOSS)


Caregivers Wellness Series at Burnaby Seniors Outreach Services Society:

These educational series feature guest speakers who provide information about one or more aspects of caregiving. These workshop sessions are designed to offer resources and support for unpaid family and friend caregivers, providing education as well as practical skills for caregivers and seniors to use in their daily lives. We created this series based on expressed needs from our caregivers and seniors in coping with aging issues and difficulties due to COVID-19.

Online workshops through Zoom videoconferencing

Timeline: April 9-30, 2021 on Fridays, 1:00pm-2:30 pm

Click here to view the poster.

Seniors Services Society of BC


Seniors Services Society of BC is hosting the Navigator Training for Seniors Housing and Support virtual workshop, starting April 15 (for 4 Thursdays). 

This workshop series is exclusive for professionals working with seniors in health care and social services sectors. There is a fee for the workshop. Click the button below for more details and/or to register.

Tele-Support Group for LGBTQ+ Caregivers of a Person Living with Dementia


For those caring for someone with the disease – spouses, family or friends – a caregiver support group offers the chance to:

  • Exchange information and friendship with others affected by dementia.
  • Access the most current information provided by the Alzheimer Society of B.C.
  • Learn and share practical tips for coping with change.
  • Decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • Express feelings and be reassured that these feelings are normal.

Join Alzheimer Society's new tele-support group for LGBTQ+ caregivers. This group meets monthly for 90 minute sessions.

Caregiver Opportunities and Resources

Engaging People Living with Dementia Project


The goal of this project is to:

  • Work with people with different kinds of disabilities to identify strategies that can support people living with dementia to be meaningfully involved in decision-making; and
  • Create resources for teaching healthcare stakeholders how to support people living with dementia to participate as much as possible in decisions that impact their lives.

As the project Education and Outreach Coordinator, BJ will plan and facilitate consultation events, support the project’s Dementia Advisory Council, and work with the CCEL National Director to develop and focus-test resources created as part of this project. You can reach BJ at

Focus Group Recruitment: Women working in the health or care sector—we want to hear from you!


The Risk and Resilience in the Health and Care Workforce project, based out of Simon Fraser University and funded by the BC Women's Health Foundation, is conducting research on how women in health and care work have been particularly affected by the pandemic. In order to learn from the experiences of women working on the front lines, they are hosting virtual focus groups on the following dates:

  • TODAY, Tuesday March 23rd at 7pm (for those working in long term care)
  • Wednesday March 24th at 7pm (for those working in community service and care roles)
  • Thursday March 25th at 7pm (for those working in custodial, food service or similar roles in a healthcare setting)

Focus groups are held over Zoom and last approximately an hour. As a token of appreciation, participants receive a $20 Support Local BC gift card. Results will be used to produce research informing more equitable and supportive policy responses.

Island Health Q & A Responses


Please find attached the Q&A PDF from the VIHA Vaccination Information Session last week. 

Click here to view the PDF.


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